Jiangsu Laihe Electric Power Technology Co., Ltd.: opening a new way of solar energy application

On December 8, 2018, the youth contribution sustainable development conference was held in Suzhou. Song Peng, Deputy Secretary General of EU China Urban Development Commission, Zeng Hui, head of Alibaba future urban laboratory, Zhao yaxu, COO of new energy, and other experts, scholars and enterprises in the field of sustainable development at home and abroad participated in the conference.

The theme of this conference is "see x (see the future) - see this city change this city", focusing on the UN sustainable development goal 11 topic "sustainable city and community", aiming to guide young people to pay attention to the global sustainable development from the sustainable development issues around them.

Renogy Zhao yaxu, COO of new energy, made a keynote speech as a representative of innovative enterprises in the field of new energy technology and application: in the past 30 years, traditional petrochemical energy as the "fuel" of social development has played a key role in promoting. But at the same time, it is accompanied by environmental pollution, energy structure instability and other alarm bells. The energy crisis is not only the energy competition and layout at the national level, but also includes the huge cost crisis of electricity consumption faced by the industry and commerce, the power shortage of remote areas without access to power grid facilities, the anxiety of personal travel away from power supply, etc. "Energy crisis" has penetrated into all aspects of production and life.

There are more than one billion people in the world who don't have access to any kind of power supply. There are more than 620 million people in Africa alone. It is estimated that the cost of connecting households to the public grid is about $1500 per household. With such cost and construction speed, Africa's power shortage will not be improved in the next 10 years. At the same time, the current power grid system is a very centralized system, facing three major challenges, including the outdated infrastructure can not meet the increased demand for power, the waste of power distribution and transmission process, as well as the imbalance of power outage caused by network congestion. The flexible configuration of renewable energy technology, environmental protection and renewable characteristics will be an effective solution to this dilemma.

In this context, Wright and defined the great vision of "solving the energy crisis for a greener and cleaner future", and the great mission of "opening a new way of solar energy application". Through the product innovation design of solar power generation and energy storage technology, combined with the software support of artificial intelligence and big data cloud management platform, the solar energy will be "productization, scenario, demand and discretization", so as to increase the application proportion of new energy in urban production and life.

In terms of the development and application of new energy, renogy if new energy has always been at the forefront of the times, in 2010, Li Yi, Ph.D. in condensed matter physics, Louisiana State University in the United States, founded renogy in the Incubation Park of Louisiana State University in the United States; based on the innovative design of industrial solar energy products [civil consumption level], the solar DIY system was launched for the first time; And through Amazon, eBay sales Solar DIY system, to create a business innovation.

Since the company was founded, it has been the first to increase R & D efforts in the field of RV. In 2013, rng100d system, a product of renogy company, entered the RV retail market, providing "energy continuation scheme" for RV, becoming the most popular RV solar brand on Amazon platform in the United States.

Subsequently, the company further expanded its product market and tested new areas. In 2016, it launched e.flex solar charger and Phoenix Firebird all in one mobile solar power supply system, and in 2018, it launched BT-1, a new experience product for Intelligent Applications (this is a Bluetooth module for the expansion of Bluetooth communication function of the solar energy controller, With mobile app, wireless monitoring, parameter setting and data viewing of the system can be realized) as well as 2mm ultra soft ultra light efficient monocrystalline silicon solar panel.

With the development of new products and the expansion of application market, if new energy is not only praised by consumers, but also affirmed and praised by relevant government departments. In 2018, renogy, if new energy is successfully selected into the list of "most potential technological talents start-ups" in Jiangsu Province, its star product e.tunes solar Bluetooth sound also won the best outdoor equipment of 2018, The selection of the award focuses on the new products in autumn and winter 2017 or 18 years. From the perspectives of product originality, reliability, innovation and environmental protection, the professional jury conducts real evaluation and rating screening, aiming to show the best outdoor equipment at home and abroad to the majority of outdoor enthusiasts.